The 19th China Guangzhou International Investment and Finance Expo 2017(第十九届广州金融博览会)

Brief introduction

The 19th China Guangzhou International Investment and Finance Expo 2017 in Guangzhou is the largest financial event in China. This B2C event is a traditional spot for international companies to highlight themselves and make their offers known and accepted by the Southeast Asian partners and customers.

The Guangzhou Investment and Finance Expo brings exhibitors and customers together as there are lots of subjects in Forex industry where personal advice or recommendation are much sought-after. The most popular topics where public interest never runs low are the quality of financial services and improvements of the trading platforms.

The Guangzhou Investment and Finance Expo is traditionally held at the beginning of the calendar year and is considered to be one of the industry trendsetting events.

The 19th Guangzhou International Investment and Financing Expo will be held in Sep 9th-11th,2017 at the China import and Export Fair Complex (The largest exhibition center in Asia--The hall of Canton fair)

The 19th China Guangzhou International Investment and Finance Expo 2017 welcome Brokers, technology providers, IBs, affiliates, fund managers and investors across China and around the world will attend and make connections and networking.

To inquire about this event, please contact our media partner.

​Time ​September 9-11, 2017
​Location ​China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou
​Organizer​Investment and Finance Association of China
​Strategic Media PartnerFX Operator
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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

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