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Hello there!

FXOpen is a Forex broker with 12 years experience on FX Market.

FXOpen is a member of The Financial Commission.
The company is authorized and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
Our business is dedicated to providing clients with a large selection of financial instruments for algorithmic or self-trading, money management and investment, so they can trade on the Forex market.

At FXOpen we offer you a wide range of trading instruments: 70+ trading tools, such as currency pairs, CFDs, precious metals, Oil, Gas, Cryptocurrencies.

We offer 4 trading account types: Micro, STP, ECN, Crypto.
  1. https://www.fxopenasia.com/en/trading-accounts/
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The 3rd Stage of Contest on real PAMM Accounts "Heroes of PAMM" Starts on April 2

FXOpen and ForexCup invite to take part in the most exciting contest "Heroes of PAMM" and compete for the real prize money for a total of USD 10,000. The best trader of the contest will get USD 5,000 in the form of investment to his/her PAMM account. Winners who took 2nd and 3rd places will get USD 3,000 and USD 2,000, respectively. Registration is already open.


Terms and Conditions of the contest "Heroes of PAMM":

  • Dates: April 2 - June 29, 2018;
  • Prize fund: USD 10,000;
  • Registration is already open and will last until April 30;
  • Rewards*:
  • -> 1st place - USD 5,000;
    -> 2nd place - USD 3,000;
    -> 3rd place - USD 2,000.
  • Initial deposit: any amount, but not less than the minimum amount for opening a PAMM account (for PAMM ECN - from USD 1,000, for PAMM STP - from USD 200);
  • Minimum trading period: not less than 2 months;
  • Minimum amount of trades per week: 2;
  • Trading volume: not less than 0.5 lot per stage;
  • Profit at the end of the contest: at least 20% of the deposit;
  • Drawdown: less than 20%**.

During the contest, participants can add or withdraw money from their accounts, receive investments to their PAMM accounts, create offers, use all instruments of a PAMM system with no restrictions, use any trading strategies, advisors (AEA, MEA, etc.) and any other standard MT4 add-ons and scripts.

It is prohibited to close for investors such statistics of your PAMM account as equity, drawdown, exposure level, completed trades. This data must be available for viewing.

Learn more on the FXOpen website.
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FXOpen Adds New Pairs to Crypto Accounts

FXOpen enhances the range of financial instruments by adding pairs with Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Monero, NEO, IOTA, EOS, and OMNI to Crypto accounts.


FXOpen closely monitors the trends in the cryptocurrency world and makes the most promising currencies available to traders on our Crypto accounts. All the newest additions are picked from the Top ‑20 Coinmarketcap list and have been lately the focus of investors’ attention.


Ripple (XRP) is currently the 3rd crypto-currency in terms of market capitalization after Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) both originated via hard forks of the leading cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum. BCH and ETC inherited functionality and strong community support from their predecessors, which helped them remain viable and retain their value for investors.
Monero (XMR) is a cryptocurrency with a special focus on privacy protection. Like most coins, it has seen an explosion of growth - over 3,000% in 2017. Monero is currently worth around 300 USD per coin and occupies #13 in the Coinmarketcap list.
NEO, EOS, IOTA, OMNI - a group of lesser-known emerging altcoins that already rank high and have the chances to become the next big thing in the crypto-currency world.

With the latest additions, FXOpen now offers the total of 39 currency pairs on Crypto accounts. Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Cla, sic, Monero, NEO, EOS, IOTA and OMNI can be traded against USD Dollar, EURO and Bitcoin. 1 lot typically equals 1 unit of XRP, BCH, EMR or other respective base currency. Margin call is 30% and Stop Out – 15%.

Source: FXOpen news.
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Deposits and Withdrawals via Emercoin Now Available with FXOpen

FXOpen is glad to announce that we`ve added a possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds via Emercoin (EMC).


You can find more detailed information on deposits and withdrawals via Emercoin in our knowledge base.

Emercoin is a hybrid cryptocurrency that relies on the key features of Namecoin and Peercoin. It employs a POS mining mechanism and uses the same cryptographic algorithm as Bitcoin. The total number of coins is unlimited. Emercoin is a convenient means of data transmission and making personal or business payments worldwide for a low network fee.

Find other methods of depositing and withdrawing available with FXOpen on the company's website.

You can try Emercoin trading on our crypto accounts.

Source: FXOpen news.
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Christmas competition "ForeXmas" starts on December 11, 2017

FXOpen broker and ForexCup team invite traders to take part in a Christmas Forex contest "ForeXmas". The contest will be held on demo competition ECN accounts between December 11th and 22nd, 2017. Upon its completion, the organizers will award the 40 best winners with the prize money for a total of USD 3,000. The funds will be added to the winners' STP accounts.


Terms of the contest "ForeXmas":

  • Dates: December 11 - 22, 2017;
  • Registration: has already started and will remain open until December 17;
  • Initial deposit: USD 5,000;
  • Leverage: 1:500;
  • Maximum number of trades opened at a time (including pending orders): 100;
  • Minimum volume of one order: 0.01;
  • Maximum volume of one order: 100;
  • Margin call: 100%;
  • Stop out: 50%;
  • Account type: demo (competition) ECN;
  • EAs and locking: allowed;
  • Requirements for getting the prize:
  • - to increase the initial deposit by at least 20%;
    - minimum quantity of trades is 10 with minimum volume of 10 lots;
    - to be in the rating among 40 best traders by Equity.


Winners and rewards:

  • Prize fund: USD 3,000;
  • 10 best participants will be rewarded the following money prizes (50% is withdrawable, 50% as a bonus cannot be withdrawn):
  • 1st place — USD 900 (USD 450 + USD 450 as a bonus);
    2d place — USD 300 (150 + 150);
    3d place — USD 240 (120 + 120);
    4th place — USD 210 (105 + 105);
    5th place — USD 120 (60 + 60);
    6th place — USD 90 (45 + 40);
    7th place — USD 60 (30 + 30);
    8th place — USD 60 (30 + 30);
    9th place — USD 60 (30 + 30);
    10th place — USD 60 (30 + 30);
    From 11th to 40th places — USD 30 as a bonus.

Dear traders! To get the prize, you will have to open an STP account and email us its number at info@forexcup.com. Profit from trading can be withdrawn at any time via any payment system available with FXOpen.

What you should do:


Existing clients:
Make sure that the "First Name" and "Last Name" fields are filled in in https://my.fxopen.com/en/Verification/Personal/;
Join the contest with your FXOpen or ForexCup registration data.

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