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  3. Wednesday, 28 May 2014
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Hello, I'd want to begin string to check whether there is A Decent Trading Room. Here is my opnion:

Here is my determination after a year in Trading Room Jungle:

Most Trading Rooms Are Scams. Great Trader Does Not Need Headache or Liability of The Trading Room. I had been endorser/guest to 50+: most are clear garbage, and you can see that instantly. Some: like Profiletraders may take few weeks or somewhere in the vicinity. So here are my assumption on few last ones:

1. Profile-traders and Huddy-Traders: Both Are Junk ( will skip word S above to be Proper): Reza in PT invests the majority of his time reviling Obama, exchanges 1 agreement ( lol: who can make living on1 ct: and a large portion of his exchanges are washouts). He generally accuses his crappy exchanges for Market and Obama. Huddy takes 2 ticks a trade...at the best…

2. Eminitrading school: JUNK: The main great thing is Giles Sweetness: initally appears amazing: after 2-3 visits: These gentlemen make living on Membership: not exchanging

3. Eminijunkie: Crappiest Room Ever..clearly exploits novices: Fibs will turn into a Curse on the off chance that you would give careful consideration to this guy..i kept ticking 15 min: made me queasy.

4. Market-delta: Worst programming in Trading: Period. Just 1 man in technical support for whole Us>had been part to 3 rooms connected with it:

5: l2st: in the event that you get a kick out of the chance to witness exchanges checked afterward ( lol: anybody can do it): then this is space for u...after turning into a part and seeing just 15-20 parts got to be clear..kam is not a Good Trader and Has No Business Bsing . Likewise, changing inidcators week after week: what does that let you know?

6. Insitute available to be purchased Market Theory: I strove for 3 days and kept ticking 15 min every day: organization of somebody who sounds like irate 80+yr old who is reviling each 30 sec and taking steady misfortunes throughout that time: was not for me.

7. Request Flow Analytics: NAP Time...what a..: George puts on a show to be This Such A Special Room: It Aint..

8. Puretick: Enjoyed Alex's company....but taking 10+ exchanges a day is not my thing: in spite of the fact that, They reached me and expressed that he rolled out improvements to his system.

9. Fib-queen: Honest Woman. who discusses aftereffect in her Sat. webinar: incredible strategy, however you can improve after readin her book and exchanging on your own.

10. Mark Braun: most pleasant and most supportive fellow, exchange same strategy as Fib Queen. in any case you get considerably more particular consideration: I observed that he utilizes approach to numerous instruments and outlines.

11. Trade-the Markets: by what means would you be able to believe somebody on the off chance that you can't see their diagrams??? furthermore Clayburg is Pathetic: his framework was one of the first things I purchased in exchanging: Old Scammer

12. Millennium brokers: JT is sweet and cute..at time may make great exchanges, however o long haul premise: traidng 1 min candles//really unsafe: again 10+ exchanges a day..

13. Juggernaut-traders: Sad Place…

These are few that strike a chord right now: don't hesitate to ask and I will fill you in regarding whether I had been to whatever room you are enquiring about.

Here is My Advise: Remove All Indies and Stare At The Chart: You Will be Amazed How Much You Can Notice once all the foundation clamor and indies are gone. Likewise: if its not too much trouble stay far from Tick Charts: I discovered that most succesful dealers take 1-2 exchanges a day, and they don't exchange tick graphs..

I for one would love to catch wind of good room: I am a predictable merchant, yet since exchanging is such an asocial game: would love to join a Honest and Good Trading Room...if there is one..pleeeeeez, Prove Me Wrong.
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We have a Skype e smaller than usual trading room its a few regulars id say superior to a few rooms i have been in, its no charge simply a few merchants that exchange together

We have some essential tenets , call your trades don't sloppy the room up with pointless visit, and in the event that you don't like why you can just get uprooted.
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