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Quoting a senior administration official, “U.S. president Trump to waive nuclear sanctions against Iran in the last such waiver he will issue,” Reuters recently reported.

Key quotes

Trump wants follow on Iran nuclear deal with tougher requirements and will consider staying in agreement if it can be strengthed in negotiations with Europeans.

U.S. imposes new sanctions on Iranians, entities over treatment of protesters and human rights abuses.

Trump has been in talks with European partners on a supplemental, follow-on Iran deal.

Trump wants amendment to Iran nuclear agreement review act passed by Congress.

Trump wants amendment to tighten inspection requirement, allow U.S. sanctions to snap back into place at any time if iran fails to comply.

Trump wants Iran deal strengthened with follow-on agreement in 120 days or US will withdraw.

Trump also wants amendment to U.S. Iran law to say U.S. views Iran’s long-range missile program as inseparable from its nuclear program.